I have 24 years of full service travel experience. I earned my Certified Travel Associate (CTA) and Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) designations from The Travel Institute. Both designations require completion of rigorous programs and testing. Both are true testimonials of my commitment to excellence, professionalism, development, leadership and continuing education. My story began in the mid 80’s with an opportunity to live in Holland. Living and being surrounded by waterways stayed close to my heart well after moving back to the United States. Through the years and many military moves, I honed my skills in all things travel. In 2007, I realized that my talent was not to sell all things travel but to specialize in designing effortless European experiences that speak to the heart of my clients. My clients are mainly adults entering the next stage of life. Let’s face it, midlife can be tough. I personally understand the challenges we face after ending a successful career or experiencing ‘empty nest syndrome’ for the first time. The biggest challenge for me after the last of our four children flew the nest was trying to figure out how to reconnect with the stranger in my house, my husband. If we didn’t have football games, committee meetings or scheduling to discuss, what were we going to talk about? Through that experience, Fitzgerald Travel was born. We understand the needs of adults who want to reconnect and begin a new lifestyle. Perhaps you identify with my very own personal challenges that come with life after kids. Maybe you have just retired from a very successful career and you don’t know exactly what to do to fill up your new found quiet space? We can help. I am an expert in the field of European river cruising and custom European itineraries. The benefits of a smooth glide through the countries speaks to me on so many levels. There is nothing like unpacking once, enjoying amazing culinary delights all while gliding along the ancient rivers of Europe in such a comfortable relaxed state of mind. We design amazing pre-and post-cruise experiences to further enhance your journey. Personalized tours, private guides, private transfers, exclusive events, dining reservations and we pay extra attention to all the details. Leaving you nothing but peace to enjoy the journey with each other. During this time of our lives, we don’t want to work harder, we want to work smarter and that is why hiring Fitzgerald Travel to plan your next vacation is the right choice. Put your trust in my service to provide a memorable experience. These experiences to will turn into lifelong memories




Hello! It is my pleasure to meet you, My name is Lisa Collins, but everyone calls me Collins. I also have 24 years in the travel industry, I earned my Certified Travel Associate designation from Travel Innovators while living in Newport News, Virginia. That is where Lisa and I first met. I also have a love for the water, but my passion is the ocean. My heart has a special connection with the big ships and the unlimited choices of activity on these amazing floating cities. The ocean cruise experience is exciting, lively and energetic. The energy on an ocean liner is contagious. Planning an ocean cruise for a family or for a large group is never a task you should perform on your own. The ocean ships can carry as many as 5479 passengers. With a ship that large, you need an expert who knows how to marry you with the best cabin accommodation to fit your needs. One large ship can have 48 distinct categories and you need me, your expert, to provide you with the best accommodation with the most amenities for your ocean cruise investment. I am a believer that when you sail the oceans, you should sail her in a style that will exceed any cruise experience expectation you ever had. If you are looking for a cheap cruise getaway, I am not the expert for you. My cruise brand knowledge, experience and expertise are expansive. I am always on top of the cruise industry news, expansions and promotions. I regularly attend cruise educational conference to be the best in the field of ocean cruising for you. I am a group planning expert. My talent is bringing together family and people with common interests onboard in a group setting. I do all the planning, arrange conference space, special events at sea, Meet & Greets, and parties for your group. A romantic at heart, I love planning Weddings at Sea, the perfect way to bring love, family and celebration together. Your group is never alone, as your professional consultant, I am with you the entire journey.


Bon Voyage!

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