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Empty Nesting & Reconnecting

 Empty Nesting & Reconnecting 


Let's face it, once the kids have grown, that's it. You've raised them well, they grew their wings and *poof* they have flown out on their own. You have now entered Empty Nest Life.


The house is quiet (& clean) and days of being the "mom taxi" are gone. Thinking back, I used to always say to myself that I couldn't wait to not have to do the 6:08 AM bus stop run or shuttle kids between functions and sports.  That day does come and when it does, it hits you hard. It hit me hard. Gone was the busy dinner table. The reality was a quiet dinner with simple conversation between my husband and myself.


After raising children for 20 years, who was this stranger at my table? I was determined to figure out a way that my husband and I could reconnect and reignite all the reasons we fell in love with each other to begin with.  We had to get to know each other all over again. After so much time together, couples fall into a routine and  a comfort zone. The subject had to change. I had to come up with an idea that would make us feel like it was our first date and then merge it with something that was brand new to the both of us. Something that would bring us joy and recreate the anticipation.  I figured out how to make that happen.


5 reasons why a river cruise is perfect for empty nesting and reconnecting


1. New Surroundings, no Familiar Distractions - Exciting

This is perfect because you are both in a completely new space. There are no familiar things that make for an easy distraction. Can't reach for the TV remote next to the couch or pick up the iPad to aimlessly thumb through Facebook.  The new surrounding leads to curiosity and opens the door to exploring new spaces together.   


2. Brand New Experience for you Both - Open for Receiving

Go someplace completely different that you have never been to before. You're continuing your story, expanding your horizons.  Going someplace brand new to the both of you makes you each a little more vulnerable and opens new doors. 


3. Starts the Conversation - Fulfilling and Stimulating

By visiting unfamiliar places everyday in such a relaxing and easy atmosphere, the conversation starts easily;  brand-new-to- you-both kind of conversation.You can't help but to talk to each other as you see new things, experience new foods, taste new wines. There is no searching for 'stuff' to talk about because it is right there in front of you. 


4. Effortless and Freeing - Happiness

No one is cooking and no one is cleaning except for the amazing crew members of your river ship!  Cooking, man, I strongly dislike it and now more so than ever because it is just the two of us. A river cruise is just so effortless. Countless times a day you are being served deliciously prepared farm to table foods. And cleaning... a week with absolutely no cleaning makes anyone happy! Happiness, Yes!



5. All of the above blended together creates a very romantic opportunity and a deeper appreciation for each other. 



Reconnect. Just Glide 



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