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January 24, 2020

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You know what is incredible? Meeting people for the first time or meeting people all over again after years and years of no contact. There is so much power behind the simple world, "Hello".

Like my very good friend Jennifer.  We met in early childhood at school. Through the years we would pass in the hall, say hello but she had her thing in school and I had mine. After helping plan a vacation for her several years ago, we made a new connection and to this day our vacations pretty much include each other.  Our constant statement is, "how were we NOT friends in high school?"  High school was 35 years ago. We usually have a good belly laugh over how different our memories are.


Then there are people you meet for the very first time and the connection is instantaneous. From practical stranger to very close friends. It really happens. Last year we had the honor of meeting our friends Carol & Bernie. Not just one friend, but a 'two for one special"  After these two characters came into our life, our travel group grew to 8.


Even Lisa Collins; we also met by chance and that was 24 years ago.  Our connection started with the same interest and the same career path. We both attended the same travel school and we both ended up working together at a huge travel agency in Newport News, Virginia. Life happens. Spouses retire from the military, moves, transfers... you loose touch but the true friendships last forever. We reconnected just a few years ago and she is now Fitzgerald Travel's other half. My friend and my business partner.   


This past weekend, most of us traveled again together and every time we are together we are reminded how blessed we are to have this great bond of friendship. We stayed close by but some of us traveled several hours and across several states to spend a couple nights exploring upstate NY.  Why? Because life is so full of fun when you travel with your friends that any one of us would drive for hours just to have the chance to hang out, talk, and explore. We missed Lisa and Dwayne, Lisa was traveling to see her grandson and we certainly did miss them.

While we were in NY, we got to know Kenny & Aileen. These two crazy folks add a lot of energy to our circle of friends and I am pretty sure our next big group vacation will include them as well. 


All relationships start with "Hello". You never know what could happen after that one simple word. 


I am proud to say that I am just like my father Frank. He never meets a stranger and neither do I.









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