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I am the world's biggest romantic, can't convince myself otherwise. I fight it because my version of romantic is totally different from my husband's view of romantic.  When the "Every Kiss Begins With Kay" commercial comes on and my husband and I are watching TV, I always comment with a snarky remark under my breath, 'That is kind of B.S.' Which then leads into a conversation about what I think is romantic versus what he thinks is romantic. 


Don't get me wrong, I love his version of romantic. He is the kindest most genuine person in my life but I grew up on fairy tales, knights in shining armor, pretending to be Barbie and Ken. We all know that just isn't real.  Any woman in the world would fall in love with my husband. He is strong, he is my net when I fall, he is loyal and I honor his integrity. His version of romantic acts touch my heart, just in a different way.  I am not into glitz or diamond gifts. I am definitely not a material girl. (though I do dream of driving an Audi 8 or a Range Rover someday).  I love the way he loves me and he is definitely doing something right, we celebrate our 20th anniversary in June. 


How many of you are empty-nesting now?

It was tough at first wasn't it? Getting to know the man sitting across from you at the dinner table. Trying to come up with the new normal and looking for subjects to talk about now that there were no more kid schedules to follow.  Our son's football games, our daughters after school meetings, PTA,.. you get it.  Once you get over that hump (and trust me, it took me a solid 6 months to a year to figure out who I was if I wasn't being Mom).  Through those rough months I learned that I will always be Mom, just in a different way. My husband and I did new things and got to know each other all over again.  Let me tell you, my guy has the patience of a saint.  He shook me right out of my sadness the day a stretch limo pulled up my driveway, swept us away with a surprise trip to Boston to watch the Red Sox! I love this version of romantic. The act was so loving. He wanted to break me out of my funk. The surprise was also so him, the destination was Boston and the Red Sox. I love this guy! 


So what does this story have to do with anything travel related? It has a lot to do with what happens when you become empty-nesters. Life changes and sometimes life changes a lot between couples.  My testimonial is that love continues, it travels a new path and grows into something even more powerful. 


As a lover of  river cruising and romance, I am so over the top excited about AmaWateray's new ship, the AmaMagna debuting in 2019 and their new  Renewal of Vows Package. I know right? Fantastic idea and I know if you are a traveling romantic like me you just had an 'OMGee' moment.  Let me tell you more about this program and why you should do it.


You've become empty-nesters, we have established that already. You have worked through the 'new you' and what that looks like moving forward. The little ones have flown the nest  it is time to regroup and recommit.  Why not do that in the most romantic way possible on one of the most romantic rivers in the world?  Yes, let's DO THIS! Tie the knot again!



The cost is only $499 for the vow renewal program. What you receive is a Symbolic Renewal of Vows Ceremony led by a designated official. Imagine what this looks like ladies! As the day draws closer and the nerves set it (trust me, the nerves are as real as they are when you officially tied the know the first time), you can relax with a 1 hour complimentary massage plus one manicure/pedicure or hair service at the salon.  Celebrate your renewal with an included bottle of champagne, a romantic turn-down service with rose pedals! Ladies, ROSE PEDALS!  This is right out of one of my romance novels.  You both receive a custom-designed dessert by the AmaMagna on board Chef.  Wrapping up the event with an included Sundowner excursion with champagne. 


Even better? Bring along 10 of your friends (fill 5 staterooms with your adult children, best friends, anyone) and AmaWaterways will gift you the Renewal Of Vows Ceremony! 


Are you ready to recommit? Are you where I was years ago struggling with Empty-Nest syndrome?  I can help and this program is so exciting. Let us help you rediscover love in one of most romantic destinations in the world, let us help you to recommit your love to each other.


My knight in shining armor, our new deeper love we discovered together after Empty-Nest.  It's a new kind of love and a stronger bond.   This is us. The photo is blurry but says so much.

















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