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FIVE DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND WHAT DID APPEAR? A river cruise poem by Lisa Fitzgerald


It's 5 days before Christmas and what do I see?

Visions of River Cruising appear before me


The Danube, The Main, The Rhine and Moselle

Oh the stories these rivers do tell


From the City of Lights to old Normandy

The Eiffel, the beaches soaked with rich history


The Elbe, the Rhone, the Douro and Po

Let us not haste, the rivers we go


The vineyards and castles perched high on a hill

Guarding the waters, time standing still


Amsterdam, Tulips, Ann Frank and Van Gogh

Visiting vineyards along canals of the Bordeaux


Gastronomic delights, many tours to appeal

Fine wine and beer poured freely with meals


The beds with such comfort, the breathtaking views

Each morning so many options to choose


Culture through cruising with each destination

Mozart and cathedrals of past coronations 


Let us not forget the festive holiday season

Amazing outdoor markets you'll find very pleasing


Christmas lights all around in the old market square

The smell of traditional Gluhwein filling the air


If visions of sugar plums dance in your head

Let us replace them with a river journey instead


It's five days before Christmas with nothing to loose

Now let's get you booked on your first river cruise


Enchanting, all inclusive, a journey so true

Happy Holidays from Fitzgerald Travel to you!












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