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What the heck does that mean? Sounds harsh doesn't it?  It means that Collins and I can’t help everyone who contacts our agency for travel arrangements.  It is not without an extreme desire to please or to assist every person who contacts our agency but by choice and that choice only benefits you!


Collins and I are Specialists. Our agency is modeled around a specific business plan because it is purely a benefit for anyone seeking our category of services and expertise. Because of that plan, our clients are very happy with our work and come back year after year.


We are not sorry that we cannot assist you with all kinds of travel requests.


You are probably thinking right now, “Why would anyone turn down an opportunity, that is insane!” but really, is it?  If you called us for a Walt Disney adventure, or a luxury All Inclusive trip to Mexico, we would not be sorry for sending you to the absolute best Walt Disney Planner in America or to a colleague who is an award-winning Caribbean All Inclusive expert.


Why are we not sorry? It is because if we accepted the request, we would not be serving you with our best work.   If we accepted every request that came through the Fitzgerald Travel office, we are not giving you 110% of our skill, expertise. experience and education.


Our skill and our expertise resides and grows in the rivers, the oceans and group planning.  We know we are the absolute best agency and we should always be your choice for River Cruising, Ocean Cruising & luxury custom travel design. We are tailored, we are not common.


Our luxury custom designed travel includes Alaska, Italy, Greece, Africa, Croatia and Ireland. We offer unique intimate barge experiences for small groups and reunions, European Golf and Wine river cruises, and Perry Golf adventures on the ocean. 


I am a river cruise expert, I am the one you need to speak to always when considering a river cruise.  Planning a river cruise is not a simple thing. I know all the rivers, I know all the differences in the river cruise companies (how many can you name right now? 1, maybe 2?) There are over 12 major river cruise companies that have their own individual style.  I can match your personality and travel style to the right river cruise ship company.


Collin’s is a master when it comes to ocean cruises..  She knows the "ins and outs"  of all the hundreds of options of cabin categories.  I have personally been blown away watching her handle large groups from family reunions to planning corporate events! She handles them effortlessly and without even blinking an eye.


We do these things very well. So well in fact, it earned us a global customer service award in 2017. We are very proud of our work here.  If you are in need of travel arrangements and you reach out to us for something we do not specialize in, don't be sorry because we can refer you to someone who can help you.


When it is time for you to each out to us for a river or ocean cruise or any custom luxury arrangements, we promise you, you wont be sorry. 










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