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January 24, 2020

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Yesterday while I was sitting at my desk working on a new client’s river cruise proposal, I realized how incredibly relaxed I was.  It made me stop and think, “oh no, what is wrong?”  My regular day during our busy season is rather chaotic because everyone is ready to go on vacation. Lisa and I’s calendars are booked solid with clients (for which we are very grateful to you all, thank you).


In the quiet, I decided to just step back for a moment and think about my work and I was truly overcome with emotion.  It is not the thing (vacation) we plan; it is the emotional connection and the journey our clients experience.  I keep thinking of the quote, “Collect Moments, Not Things”.

I provide moments, not things for my clients.  Planning travel for clients is not a task we take lightly.  We understand the connection that needs to be made with the client because listening and understanding a client is the key factor in creating their moments.


This week, a client has returned to Thailand to visit her dear friend.  This year she brought her best friend who has never traveled.  I think about her friends’ feelings as she travels 8,323 miles in business class around the world to a new country and a totally different culture for the first time. I think about how exciting it is for her and for all her brand-new moments she gets to experience.


For my favorite Louisiana group of friends who travel to Europe every two years and who just returned from Greece, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that they entrust their planning to us because they know that the travel will be effortless and all they must do is enjoy and share the laughter. It feels so good knowing that I’m responsible for helping them extend their life story through travel together.



I have been blessed beyond belief with my favorite Vermont family who have been traveling with me since their children were in elementary school. I have planned their family vacation every year.  This year is different. This year is their first trip traveling to a romantic destination as empty nesters. My heart is full knowing they are together at a very romantic adults only resort reconnecting with each other creating brand new, very different new moments.


First Vacation as Empty Nester's, whatever will you do guys?


I have a very dear client in his 80s that I met about 18 months ago who took an AmaWaterways river cruise with us.  With every conversation we had, he always talked about his amazing safari he took 7 years prior.  When he talked about his experience, he lit up over the phone.  You could feel his passion come through the phone and how grand these memories were to him.  I listened and I said to him, “Let’s take you back.” This week, he is in Botswana on a private safari with his lovely wife.  Reliving the dream.


And right now, I am having the best time living vicariously through a client who we met just about a year ago.  These 2 couples had me plan their BFF Trip to Florence, Rome & Sorrento.  I love being in constant contact with them, watching their live videos.  The absolute most entertaining clients I have ever worked for and I feel so good that I am responsible for their new moments in life.


Also traveling this week, a very special couple experiencing their first River Cruise along the Rhine on board Viking! We were able to create even more moments for them by extending their stay in Holland after their cruise. 


Lisa Collins has a couple cruising the Panama Canal celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary, a family on their first ever cruise in the Caribbean and another family at a resort in Mexico. These are just a few of our clients traveling right now.  This week encompasses Thailand, Italy, Greece, Botswana, Jamaica, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean islands, but there are even more stories happening at this very moment with our clients


Like I said earlier, we don’t just plan travel. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can go online and plan their own travel and that is OK, that is their kind of travel style. You won’t find those clients part of the Fitzgerald Travel Family.


What we do is build relationships.  Our clients want that connection, our clients want strong relationships that are built on an emotional connection. Emotional connections are built with listening, understanding and trust and that is what Lisa and I do. Those qualities are the key factor in creating your moments.


So, I end this blog today with so much gratitude and love in my heart for all our of Fitzgerald Travel family.  I am so happy to be a small part of your special moments.



Lisa D Fitzgerald 




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