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January 24, 2020

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I love this picture.  I have had a fun week following the most amazing couples. This is one of my custom trips to Florence, Rome & Sorrento.  Don't worry, they gave me permission to post this picture.


I love working with my clients. Relationships are so very important when planning vacations.  There has got to be a connection between two people (or more) to successfully create a trip that is perfect for the client. 


We believe in small group & private tours. Private tours can be mind blowing, life changing experiences. When we receive pictures and texts in real time of our clients having the time of their lives, we take it personally. 


Planning a vacation for clients excites us as advisors. We walk the walk with them. Our custom travel APP makes it easy for our clients to tuck us into their back pocket and take us along for the ride as well.  We're always there when we are needed.

We  incorporate small group or private tours for our clients wherever and whenever we can.  Our relationships with our in-country contacts is as valuable to us as our Fitzgerald Travel client relationships.  We build these relationships with great care and we trust them to take excellent care of our clients while in country and they do! 

For example, imagine being invited into your host's personal home for a home cooked meal and Lemoncello making demonstration.

I love when our clients are technology savvy.  I can't tell you how many times I smiled when I listened to their Facebook Live sessions.  Conversations full of excitement, laughter, and my favorite comment I heard this week was "this is probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my lifetime". Yes, I take that personally too


So I leave you this week with this one thing, relationships matter.  When two people have a connection, the partnership of planning flourishes and dreams really do come true.  I see it in pictures, I hear it in audio, I see it in smiles and I feel it in my heart.  I take it personally. 


Have an amazing week everyone, Lisa 


P.S. I also want to leave you with this view of the Blue Grotto, a private boat tour. Imagine yourself here. 








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