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January 24, 2020

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A new year, a new beginning.  So many changes, so many experiences.  I have been thinking for weeks of what to write about for Fitzgerald Travel's first blog of 2020. 


I could write about our two amazing river cruise experiences we had in September with Avalon Waterways and our very successful Wine Cruise with AmaWaterways in November. New friends, new destinations and flood you with very exciting stuff but I decided to go with the theme of a New Year because this year it means a lot more to me than any other. I decided to get personal. I leaned in and let go.


2019, how do I describe it? I am not really sure but what I do know is that as soon I let go of a lot static that I have been holding onto all year, things changed immediately.  They turned completely around for me.  I leaned in and I let go.  Something I honestly had a very difficult time doing  because I am as stubborn as the day is long.


I struggled for nearly 5 years over sibling interruption. Something so confusing and unfortunate that is sucked the life out of me for years until I just decided to lean in and let go. Forgiveness is healing, love is powerful, and I am not less than, I am enough. I leaned in and let go.


Professional presence.  That's a good one for me too because I struggled so much with perfection that it derailed me. I listened to far too many people, "do this, do that, hire blah, blah blah.." Would this bring perfection? No, it only brought me a sense of insecurity. I leaned it, I let go and with that, I found my authentic voice again and I love that I am perfectly imperfect. 


Social Media (Instagram), in this arena, I had a tendency to also want to follow the leader but that is the one thing I did do right for me, I stayed true to myself.  I want  to share authentic pictures of my own travels, my clients travel and all things river cruising. This is my profession and I want to and I continue to keep it real. River cruise education to others is extremely important to me.  It is my hope that we get more likes and more followers for 2020 because that also tells me people want to know more, people are interested and most importantly, they trust me to bring the most honest portrayal of river cruise vacation life.


And lastly, Mind, Body & Soul. Something I actually borrowed from my husband who inspires me every day with his lifestyle changes he made in the Fall.  Last year, getting me to the gym was like fight or flight. I mainly chose flight. Every morning I was talking myself out of going to the gym, every morning I started a fight with myself until two weeks ago.  I have been to the gym almost daily practicing self-care and every day I am feeling stronger, happier and energized because I leaned in and let go. 


2020 is already looking shiny and brighter than any other Jan 1 in the past several years.  If you are holding onto any 2019 stuff that you find distracting, daunting, depressing and you just cant seem to stop running in the mud, "Let That Sh*t Go". You want to connect and breathe through life in a deeper more meaningful way? Lean in and let go.















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