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I didn't mean too. It was quite innocent in the beginning. It just happened. It was a slow and steady seduction.


When I first laid eyes on this vision, I reacted like any normal woman honestly.  I stared with curiosity and skepticism. I stood there taking it all in wondering how it could ever measure up.


So strong and rounded were shoulders and thick and sturdy in the middle.  I took a deep breath and contiplated my next move.






I cautiously allowed myself to get closer. My curiosity started to rise.  I was feeling a tug in my heart. I was conflicted but decided to let my guard down, throw caution to the wind and get a little closer.


I was drawn in so effortlessly.  As soon as I got to the heartbeat of it all, my knees started to get weak, my emotions were immediately mixed.  How could this be?  


But something magical and unexpected happened.  Those strong rounded shoulders on the outside were so deceiving.  All I could think about was something my father always said, "Don't judge a book by its cover" I was tricked because what happened next was so warm and welcoming, soft and irresistibly sexy.  How could something so hard on the outside be so warm on the inside?





I started to get very nervous.  My reality was that I was cheating on my first love.  I was allowing myself to really get into this. But I stopped.  There couldn't be one more thing that would make me even think about cheating.


I was lead to the sleeping area and I panicked.  Visions of "Fifty Shades of Gray" flashed before me and I felt like I needed to run away as fast as I could possibly run. I would not be seduced!  I was sure there was no way I would be comfortable.  Then I touched it. Wow, what a wonderful surprise! So soft and comfortable, clean, crisp yet trendy. It was so hard to walk away.



All this angst made me hungry but where could I possibly find anything more delicious than what I had already tasted? Was it possible this sturdy hard rounded shouldered vision could feed my appetite as much as it has fed my soul?  



Maybe it wasn't food I needed but a good strong drink. Yes, that is exactly what I needed.


I wanted to sit quietly and reflect.  After this exhilarating experience, I knew deep in my heart that I wanted continue this new exciting love affair.





As you have figured it out by now, my torrid affair is with Barge Cruising.  My first love as most of you know is River Cruising.  


Fun Facts about Barge Cruising:

Barges carry a small amount of passengers. The pictures in this story are from CroisiEurope's Madeleine (which I will be chartering for a trip in June 2018 FYI) She carries 22 passengers, some carry only 8


Barging is All Inclusive

Barging includes shore excursions

Barges have bikes for your use on board

Barging stops at all the same cities that river cruise visit

Barging allows for you to get closer to the culture and sails deeper into the country where river ships cannot fit

Barging is perfect for life in the slow lane

Barging is perfect for reconnecting with your partner

Barges are perfect to charter for families, reunions and even weddings

Barging can accommodate singles and triple occupancy

Barging offers themed cruises like Gourmet, Hiking, Cruise and Bike, Christmas and New Year's cruising


Barging is so reasonably priced! Curious, just ask! 


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Have a great week everyone, Lisa 

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