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Yesterday while I was sitting at my desk working on a new client’s river cruise proposal, I realized how incredibly relaxed I was.  It made me stop and think, “oh no, what is wrong?”  My regular day during our busy season is rather chaotic because everyone is ready to...

It's 5 days before Christmas and what do I see?

Visions of River Cruising appear before me

The Danube, The Main, The Rhine and Moselle

Oh the stories these rivers do tell

From the City of Lights to old Normandy

The Eiffel, the beaches soaked with rich history

The Elbe, the R...

I am the world's biggest romantic, can't convince myself otherwise. I fight it because my version of romantic is totally different from my husband's view of romantic.  When the "Every Kiss Begins With Kay" commercial comes on and my husband and I are watching TV, I alw...

When The Rivers Run Low: Part 1

I could probably write pages and pages about river cruising and what happens when the river levels are too low or too high to float a river ship. I won’t do that because I don’t want to lose your attention in the first 30 seconds of this...

There are two great things about taking a river cruise.  The first best thing is that you are traveling with only 148 other people on the ship. You are all traveling with the same interests in mind. The love of Europe, the love of the itinerary, the love of the effortl...

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